Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative dialogue on the Middle East

The Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative (AFPI) is an interfaith group made up of Christians, Muslims and Jews. To learn more about them and their past and current projects, please visit www.AbrahamicFaithsPeacemaking.com

One thought on “Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative dialogue on the Middle East

  1. beliefs. I’ve always doebutd that every individual in ANY congregation agrees on EVERYTHING within a given framework of belief. Just because an individual identifies himself as being Jewish it need not necessarily mean he does everything (or believes) another Jewish individual may do (or believes).I really believe we’ve been coached to think of religion as being a team sport. You pick the side you want to play’ for, find out what the game plan is and what the chant sounds like. Obviously a great sense of community derives from this process. There is a great social aspect to religious congregations. This is wonderful.But to me spirituality and religion is not a team sport. It is an invitation to explore your relationship with your creator whatever that might mean to you. It need not be scrunitised by other people. It need not be signed off on by religious officials. It need not be validated by your family or friends. Too frequently I see people identify something within their own religious tradition and they want to take it to the world and inflict it upon other people. Surely religion is an invitation toward introspection; toward looking at yourself and striving to be a better person, not an invitation to inflict your will upon others.

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