Film Competition

Competition Requirements:

  • All submissions must be the sole work of high school student(s)
  • Length: Minimum of 60 seconds and maximum of 3 minutes
  • Theme: Interfaith cooperation through service
  • You may also submit a video as a group; there is no size limit for groups.**

** Scholarships would be awarded to the group as a whole, not to each individual in the group.

All submissions must be consistent with the theme of “Interfaith cooperation through service”. Some guiding questions to consider while producing this film:

  • How has interfaith work helped me be a better leader? 
  • How has interfaith work improved my community?
  • What interfaith work has taken place in my community?
  • Has there been interfaith work at my school to stop bullying?
  • What have I done when someone from another faith was bullied?

All submissions must be uploaded to YouTube and sent via link to by September 29, 2013.