Now Accepting Applications for IYLI 2014


Do you know a high school student who is interested in expanding their leadership skills and knowledge of other faiths so that they are better equipped to interact respectfully with people from different backgrounds? This upcoming June, New Vision Partners will be holding its third year of programming of the Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative (IYLI). During the 3-day program, students will build relationships with people of other faiths, take ownership of their own faith perspective, visit different houses of worship and act out their faith through service of the larger community.

The program is free of charge. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will earn a $100 scholarship which they may apply to college of their choice. All high school students (freshman through seniors) are eligible for the program. Applications for the Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative in the summer of 2014 are now available online. Save the date, submit your application, and help spread the word.

IYLI Dates and links to applications for 2014:

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