Who We Are

New Vision Partners was founded as a non-profit 501c3 organization in 1999 out of All Saints Church in Pasadena, California to address issues of peace and justice from an interfaith perspective.  From the very beginning our focus was not only on developing our own programs, but on being an incubator for various inspiring and worthwhile projects.  Thus NVP has had its own programmatic accomplishments and been a vehicle for partnerships.  Highlights from our first 13 years of work include:


  • NVP supports annual interfaith leadership development programs for high school students in Southern California through our Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative (IYLI). These programs take place in Los Angeles and Long Beach.
  • Each year, we lead an interfaith civic-leadership trip to Washington D.C. for high school youth of all faith persuasions to learn how to navigate the U.S. Capitol.
  • NVP has sponsored a broad variety of interfaith work, primarily through its Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative, a collaborative of religious leaders who meet regularly for dialogue, sponsor programs, and address current issues from an interfaith perspective  (http://abrahamicfaithspeacemaking.com).
  • In 2011, NVP sponsored a “High School Interfaith Encounter” with three interfaith leaders and a local high school.  http://www.youtube.com/user/NVPCORAL?feature=watch
  • In 2008, NVP helped sponsor an interfaith peace service that was broadcast throughout the Middle East.
  • In 2012, AFPI will be releasing an interfaith guide to peacemaking.


  • In 1999, the James Irvine Foundation asked NVP to help address disparities in academic achievement among disadvantaged Pasadena students by creating after school learning programs.  NVP participated in a statewide initiative sponsored by the James Irvine Foundation called Communities Organzing Resources to Advance Learning (CORAL).  For more information, visit http://irvine.org/evaluation/program-evaluations/coralinitiative . For seven years then, NVP administered the CORAL After-School Initiative in Pasadena, which was our dominant organizational focus, as we oversaw 6 sites serving nearly 600 children daily in afterschool programs.  This multi-million dollar endeavor brought together a number of community-based organizations, Pasadena Unified School District, and a wide variety of community stakeholders to advance learning in the community of Pasadena.
  • In 2000, NVP bought and renovated a former YMCA building, and re-christened it The Coral Center.  NVP began to operate its own programs and partner with other organizations to serve youth and children in the Pasadena area.  Various sports leagues, youth-serving agencies, and other community organizations have made extensive use of the CORAL Center througout the years.
  • In 2006, NVP consolidated its afterschool efforts into its own afterschool programming at the CORAL Center by offering daily programs to at-risk children and youth through the CAN-DO Kids Club and Zone programs, which served 140 children and teens each day.
  • From 1999-2011, NVP operated a Summer Youth Institute, which brought together youth to study and learn in a project-based enrichment program.  Partnerships with Cal Tech, JPL, Hollywood filmakers, and others created summer programs for over 700 youth.  Themes have included:  Ancient Egypt, Astronomy, Filmmaking, Radio Production, Photography, and Animation.  Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/NVPCORAL to view videos.
  • Since 2008, NVP has helped sponsor Culture Shock, a weeklong summer program emphasizing diversity, identity, and bridging divides between youth.  This program has served over 150 students.
  • Since 2006, NVP has offered an annual summer International Global Exchange Trip.  Groups of high school students have visited Haiti (3x), India, Kenya, and Mexico.  To see a video of a recent Haiti trip, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlXaeL-q8w0


  • Abrahamic Faiths Peacemaking Initiative – As Jewish, Christian and Muslim people we find common ground in our common origin. We are followers of Abraham, committed to the human family and therefore adhere to a common core of ethical standards. We pursue friendship, peace and justice. We speak out against all forms of prejudice, hatred, and discrimination. We stand for the religious pluralism and mutual understanding that undergo the resilience of America.
  • Pasadena Learning Gardens – Maintains the Coral Learning Garden and offers numerous classes including programs for at risk youth and the U.C. Master Gardener’s Victory Garden program.  Currently developing the Zorthian Outdoor Learning Academy on a 10 acre campus, and supporting the creation of learning gardens at schools, community gardens, and other special places. http://plgardens.wordpress.com/
  • Desmond Tutu Film Project – Karen Hayes’ film on Desmond Tutu and Forgiveness, slated for completion in 2012.  http://www.tutuandforgivenessfilm.com
  • “Healing, Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Post-Genocide Rwanda” – a project in partnership with Solace Ministries in Kigali and the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California.  A book on this research will be published in 2013.  http://crcc.usc.edu/initiatives/srg
  • Women’s Initiative Network International (WIN) – a project designed to empower women and children in Malawi through education, farming, and health training. www.win-international.org ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzzksFBjnYk
  • Institute for the Healing of Memories – begun by Father Michael Lapsley in South Africa in reponse to the devastating violence experienced there.  Program offers workshops to move towards healing and wholeness.                  http://www.healing-memories.org
  • Neighborhood Urban Family Center – offers afterschool programming for 150 at-risk children and youth daily at four sites in Pasadena.  http://athomeinthecity.com/